Marlborough Multicultural Centre | 21 Henry Street Blenheim 7201 | Phone: 03 579 6410

About Us

Our vision

The Marlborough Multicultural Centre aims to ensure that migrants, newcomers and local people can celebrate their diversity in a safe and welcoming community so that people of all ethnicities feel empowered, with a sense of connectedness and belonging.

Our values

We recognise diversity in our community.
We strive to offer a consistent and dedicated service to newcomers and migrants to our community.
We value collaboration with other organisations.
Tolerance and acceptance are central to our ways of working and our community relationships.
We participate in our community and support migrants and newcomers to do so too.
Recognising equality between peoples and genders is fundamental to our work.
We strive to be part of a smart, connected and safe community.

Our aims and objectives

1.Sustainability                                                                                                                                                                                                   The MMC attracts diverse sources of income to support its range of activities. The centre is well run and maintains its viability

1.1 Provide effective governance and leadership

1.2 Ensure financial viability through planned growth and sound financial control

1.3 Implement strategies to identify alternate funding sources

1.4 Implement an IT infrastructure to support efficient and effective business processes and excellence in service delivery

1.5 Increase our visibility and credibility by strengthening and reinforcing our identity and brand

1.6 Increase capacity to demonstrate the benefits of the skills and knowledge migrants contribute to the Marlborough community


 2. People and Culture

The MMC promotes unity and celebrates the diversity of a multicultural society. It has skilled and committed staff and volunteers

2.1 Provide advocacy and settlement support assistance to migrants and newcomers

2.2 Provide opportunities for the Marlborough community to gain greater understanding and respect for the benefits of  cultural diversity

2.3 Assist migrants to understand their rights and responsibilities in relation to bicultural and multicultural New Zealand 

2.4 Attract and retain an appropriately skilled and flexible workforce that can adapt and respond to a changing environment

2.5 Build a skilled and client focused team through ongoing investment in training and development

2.6 Provide opportunities for voluntary participation in the activities of the centre

2.7 Recognise and value the effort of our staff and volunteers

3. Innovative Service Delivery

Activities of MMC assists migrants to effectively settle, contribute to and participate in all aspects of life in the  Marlborough community.      

3.1 Ensure existing and future services and programs are viable, relevant and support our mission and vision

3.2 Broaden our partnerships and networks to support us in achieving our goals

3.3 Build our research and evaluation capability to support informed service development

3.4 Promote an organisational culture of continuous improvement


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